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Apply to the Community Living Fund

What is The Community Living Fund?

The Community Living Fund (CLF) is made from a limited pot of funding Manchester City Council Housing Services has available to help provide a one off monetary support to our tenants who find themselves in severe financial difficulties or at risk of serious financial difficulties. The fund is allocated as a small one off cash award to tenants who meet the criteria.

CLF applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. Examples of how the funding can help (but is not limited to)

  • tenants moving to new MCC Housing Services accommodation with the cost of white goods (for example fridges and cookers), furniture, and bedding
  • households dealing with exceptional hardship or an emergency with the cost of replacement white goods, furniture, bedding, clothing, fuel key top-up, and food

What are the qualifying conditions?

You can only apply to the funding if you come under the following areas; 
  • Former Northwards properties
  • AVRO Hollows, SHOUT and West Gorton Council properties

To be eligible for CLF you must not have savings of more than £300. You are limited to making two CLF applications in any 12 month period. No more than £300 will be awarded within a 12 month period.

You have tried other avenues of assistance before applying to the fund or the nature of the financial hardship means that there is insufficient time to look at other funding sources. This includes the support paid by Government under the Household Support funding scheme. 

You are able to demonstrate genuine hardship. An assessment will be carried out with the tenant to establish whether the financial hardship could be alleviated by any other means.

You are prepared to provide evidence of income and expenditure including bank statements.

You are prepared to consent to work with teams across the MCC Housing Services, in the third sector or any agency that can assist in identifying and addressing any short or long term financial, social or personal issues that could impact the sustainability of your tenancy.

Claiming if you're moving home

If you are claiming CLF to help with items needed because you are moving home, the new accommodation must be a Manchester City Council (MCC) Housing Services property.

Claiming due to an emergency

If you are claiming CLF to help with costs because of exceptional hardship or an emergency, you must be a tenant of MCC Housing Services. Exceptional hardship or emergency means dealing with a one-off event that is out of the ordinary.

How do I apply?

If you think that you may qualify for CLF you can start your application here...

Pre-Application Questions