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Having problems registering for 'My Account'?

If you're getting a message saying that we don't recognise your details, there are three reasons why this might be:

1/ It may be because you're using the wrong reference

You must use your tenancy reference to register. It is made up of four letters and six numbers, with a forward-slash after the fourth number e.g. ABCD1234/56. You can find your tenancy reference on your rent card or tenancy agreement.

You CANNOT register with your 19 digit rent reference. 

2/ It may be that some of your details don't match what we have in our database

The first name, surname, date of birth, postcode and tenancy reference you enter must match whatever we have in our database. If you think any of the information we have about you is wrong, please contact us.

3/ It may be because you are not the named tenant on your tenancy agreement

If you are not the person or one of the people who signed the tenancy agreement for your home, you will not be able to register for 'My Account'.