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Pets and animals

We’re happy for tenants to keep most pets, so long as they:

  • do not annoy or frighten other people
  • are not banned by law
  • are suitable for your home or garden

Specifically regarding dogs, you can keep them unless you live in a multi-storey block, or you get to your home through a shared entrance and there is a “no dog” agreement between all the tenants and ourselves.

Apart from this, we’re happy for you to keep a dog as long as you are responsible with it and:

  • don’t allow it to annoy other people e.g. by barking
  • don’t allow it to destroy any part of the property
  • clean up any mess

Keeping Animals Policy 2024

Got a problem with a neighbour’s pet?

If a tenant breaks the above rules, they are breaking their Tenancy Agreement and it will be treated as anti-social behaviour (ASB). You can report ASB to us here.