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Contact the Money Matters team

the money matters team

Contact the Money Matters team

Our Money Matters team have helped tenants to save hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years. They can help you:

  • get all the benefits and support you’re entitled to
  • come up with an affordable plan to pay rent
  • open a bank account (this helps your credit rating)
  • manage your other bills or debts

...and lots more

You can also contact us for energy advice. Some of our tenants have saved a lot of money on their bills with the help of Naila, our energy advisor.

Get Energy Advice

Contact the Money Matters team

Due to the increased cost of living, more people are contacting our team than usual.

It's taking us a bit longer to respond so please bear with us, your issues are important and we will get to you as soon as we can.

If you are a tenant, send them a message online using the form below, or call their hotline on 0161 543 4449 to speak to:

  • Jo, 10am to 1pm every Monday
  • Tracy, 1pm to 4pm every Wednesday
  • Sharon, 10am to 1pm every Thursday

If you're not a tenant, refer a client to the Money Matters team.

Contact our Money Matters team

I confirm that I am a MCC Housing Services resident living within one of the following postcodes: M4, M8, M9 or M40