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Hobin's Community Fund

Hobin's Community Fund 2024

Do you have an idea that will bring long-term benefits to a community in north Manchester?

Applications for 2024 are now CLOSED.

Hobin’s Community Fund provides grant funding to groups and organisations to help them make a sustainable positive impact across north Manchester. 

You don’t have to be a constituted group, charity or company to apply – as long as the work you’re planning is of lasting value to the people of north Manchester, we want to work with you to make it happen. 


How Hobin’s Community Fund works

Hobin’s Community Fund provides grants to support long-term community based projects in each of these three areas:

  • Supporting Young People

  • Improving green spaces

  • Health & wellbeing

There’s £9,000 in total. And in each of those three areas, we have £3,000 to distribute between ALL applicants. How we divide that depends on what each successful application requires and how we believe the funding can be best distributed to have the most impact. No single application will receive all £3,000.

Even if we can't give you the full amount you need, we will work with you to help you find other ways of achieving your goal.

After the closing date, we will shortlist applications alongside local councillors. If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to a Hobin's Community Fund event to pitch your idea to people living and working in your neighbourhood area who will vote for the project they’d like to be funded.

Hobin's Community Fund 2024

Even if your project doesn’t get shortlisted, we are keen to work with everyone doing great things in our neighbourhoods.

We want to work with all groups seeking to make a positive long-term impact in our communities. So if you apply, whether your application is successful or not, we’ll look for ways to support you to achieve your goals.