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Request a new fence, hedge or gate

If the reason you want a new fence, hedge or gate is due to a problem with anti-social behaviour (ASB) or abuse, please report the ASB or abuse instead. We may replace them as part of a plan to tackle the problem.

If you want a new fence, hedge or gate because...

  • Someone’s safety may be at risk (such as young children living close to a busy road)
  • The home has elderly and/or vulnerable people living in it
  • The home is particularly exposed (such as a corner location or by a busy cut-through)

...and you cannot afford to replace them yourself, please complete the form below and we will consider your case.

We will not replace fences, hedges or gates for any other reason than those outlined above as very little money is available for this kind of work. 

Fencing, hedge or gate request

We will only consider doing the work if one of the following applies. Please select whichever you feel apply to you

I confirm that I am a MCC Housing Services resident living within one of the following postcodes: M4, M8, M9 or M40