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Information about our home contents insurance scheme

“New-for-old” insurance

All your home contents are covered by the policy on a ‘new for old’ basis, with the exception of linen and clothing which will be replaced at their current cost, less an amount for wear and tear. When you are working out the cost of your insurance, you will need to work out how much it will cost to replace the full contents. If you under value your contents this will mean that if you claim you may not get the full value of your claim.

Cost of insurance
Sum Insured  Weekly Standard Premium Monthly Standard Premium Weekly Premium Accidental Damage Monthly Premium Accidental Damage
£4,000 £0.56 £2.33 £0.81 £3.38
£5,000 £0.70 £2.92 £1.01 £4.21
£6,000 £0.83 £3.46 £1.21 £5.04
£7,000 £0.97 £4.04 £1.41 £5.88
£8,000 £1.11 £4.63 £1.62 £6.75
£9,000 £1.25 £5.21 £1.82 £7.58
£10,000 £1.39 £5.79 £2.02 £8.42
£11,000 £1.53 £6.38 £2.22 £9.25
£12,000 £1.67 £6.96 £2.42 £10.08
£13,000 £1.81 £7.54 £2.63 £10.96
£14,000 £1.95 £8.13 £2.83 £11.79
£15,000 £2.09 £8.71 £3.03 £12.63
£16,000 £2.22 £9.25 £3.23 £13.46
£17,000 £2.36 £9.83 £3.43 £14.29
£18,000 £2.50 £10.42 £3.64 £15.17
£19,000 £2.64 £11.00 £3.84 £16.00
£20,000 £2.78 £11.58 £4.04 £16.83
£21,000 £2.92 £12.17 £4.24 £17.67
£22,000 £3.06 £12.75 £4.44 £18.50
£23,000 £3.20 £13.33 £4.65 £19.38
£24,000 £3.34 £13.92 £4.85 £20.21
£25,000 £3.48 £14.50 £5.05 £21.04
£26,000 £3.61 £15.04 £5.25 £21.88
£27,000 £3.75 £15.63 £5.45 £22.71
£28,000 £3.89 £16.21 £5.66 £23.58
£29,000 £4.03 £16.79 £5.86 £24.42
£30,000 £4.17 £17.38 £6.06 £25.25
£31,000 £4.31 £17.96 £6.26 £26.08
£32,000 £4.45 £18.54 £6.46 £26.92
£33,000 £4.59 £19.13 £6.67 £27.79
£34,000 £4.73 £19.71 £6.87 £28.63
£35,000 £4.87 £20.29 £7.07 £29.46
£36,000 £5.00 £20.83 £7.27 £30.29
£37,000 £5.14 £21.42 £7.47 £31.13
£38,000 £5.28 £22.00 £7.68 £32.00
£39,000 £5.42 £22.58 £7.88 £32.83
£40,000 £5.56 £23.17 £8.08 £33.67


Optional extra covers - additional cost

Personal belongings

Amount insured Weekly cost
£1,000 £1.01
£2,000 £2.02
£3,000 £3.04
£4,000 £4.05

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters

Amount insured Weekly cost
£1,000 £0.89
£2,000 £1.77
£3,000 £2.66
£4,000 £3.54

Hearing aids

Amount insured Weekly cost
£1,000 £0.89
£2,000 £1.77
£3,000 £2.66
£4,000 £3.54

The payments shown are inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at the appropriate rate.

Accidental Damage Excess

An excess of £100 is applicable to all claims relating to accidental damage. This means YOU are responsible for the first £100 of each and every claim under the following parts of the policy

• Section 2 accidental damage to audio, video and computer equipment
• The optional accidental damage extension.
• The optional personal belongings extension.

The EXCESS is the amount you have to pay towards a claim.

Product information

Company: Aviva Insurance Limited

Product: Tenants Home Contents

Registered in Scotland No. 2116. Registered office: Pitheavlis, Perth PH2 0NH. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Firm Reference Number 202153.

This is a summary of our insurance policy. You will find all the terms and conditions, along with other important information, in the policy documents.

What is this type of insurance?

Tenants home contents insurance protects you against loss or damage to your Contents. It covers such things as fire, flood, storm, theft, escape of water and subsidence.

What is insured?

The amount we’ll pay to replace your contents is specified by you.


  • Loss or damage to contents in the home and its garages, outbuildings or gardens
  • Replacement of external door locks if keys are lost or stolen
  • Accidental damage to audio, video or computer equipment in your home
  • Personal liability – if you are found to be legally responsible for injury to a third party or damage to their property
  • Tenant’s liability – if you’re held legally liable for damage to your landlord’s property (maximum up to 20% of the amount insured)
  • Damage to freezer food caused by change in temperature (maximum – up to the amount insured)
  • No excess will apply (the amount you have to pay on any claim).

Optional cover

  • Contents accidental damage extension – covers most contents
  • Personal belongings – Worldwide cover against theft, accidental loss or damage for clothing, mobile phones, tablets, handbags, jewellery and watches.

What is not insured?

  • Damage from wear and tear, electrical and mechanical breakdown, or gradual deterioration
  • Wet or dry rot
  • Storm damage to fences, gates and hedges
  • Certain losses and damage (e.g. from burst pipes) to buildings or contents when your home is unoccupied for more than the number of days shown on our Policy booklet 
  • Certain losses or damage (e.g. theft or malicious damage) caused by you, paying guests or tenants
  • The cost of replacing undamaged items that form part of a pair, set or suite
  • Motorised vehicles, aircraft, boats, boards, caravans or trailers.

Optional cover – what’s not insured

  • Accidental Damage - Damage caused by chewing, scratching or fouling by domestic animals
  • Personal Belongings - Damage to certain sports equipment while in use.

Are there any restrictions on cover?

Certain limitations may apply to your policy. For example:

– monetary limits for certain covers, and/or
– clauses that exclude certain types of loss or damage

We don’t cover property that’s used for a business or profession (except certain home office equipment under contents cover) unless we have specifically agreed to do so.

Optional cover – restrictions

  • We don’t cover skis, boards, sub-aqua equipment, camping equipment, riding tack and hearing aids under the Personal Belongings option unless we have specifically agreed to do so
  • We’ll only cover against the theft of pedal cycles if they’re properly secured when unattended
  • Limitations apply to personal belongings stolen from an unattended vehicle
  • Some of our accidental damage options don’t cover damage when your home is lent, let (or sub-let) or used by paying guests.

Where am I covered?

  • At the home you’re insuring – as long as it’s within the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • Away from home (within the British Isles) – if you take out Contents cover limited cover applies for items temporarily away from the home
  • Optional Accidental Damage Cover only applies inside your home, Optional Personal Belongings Cover applies anywhere in the world.

What are my obligations?

  • You must take reasonable care to give us complete and accurate answers to any questions we ask – whether you’re taking out, renewing or making changes to your policy
  • Please tell your scheme administrator immediately if the information set out in the application form or your schedule changes
  • You must observe and fulfil the terms, provisions, conditions and clauses of this policy – failure to do so could affect your cover
  • You must tell us about any event which might lead to a claim as soon as possible
  • We will tell you what information you need to provide us to achieve a settlement of any claim. For full details please see the “General Conditions” section in the policy booklet.

How can I pay?

You can pay your premium to the scheme administrator (MCC Housing Services). Payments can be made online, or by bank standing order, cheque/postal order, or over the phone by calling 03000 123 123 and paying by card.

When does the cover start and end?

From the start date (shown on your Policy Schedule) Your policy will remain in force from the start date as long as you continue to pay your premium – note some schemes will have an annual renewal.

How do I cancel the contract?

You can cancel your policy within 14 days of purchase (or renewal where applicable) or from the day you receive your policy documents (or renewal documents where applicable), whichever is later.

If you cancel before the cover starts, we’ll refund the premium you’ve paid.

If you cancel after your cover has started, we’ll reduce your refund to pay for the time you were covered. You can also cancel your policy at any time during your period of cover. To cancel your policy, contact your scheme administrator (MCC Housing Services).


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