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Taking over a tenancy

"Assignment" is where a person takes over the tenancy of an existing tenant, including their tenancy agreement and the terms of the tenancy. 

(Applying to take over a tenancy after a tenant has died is called a "succession" and is something different. Find out how to apply to succeed a tenancy by reading 'What happens to a tenancy after a tenant has died?' here.)

An assignment has to be to a person who would qualify to succeed the tenancy if the tenant died. To support your application, you will need to send us:

  • proof of identification
  • proof of your National Insurance Number
  • proof of residency
  • proof of your relationship to the current tenant(s)

You will also need to provide National Insurance details for everyone that would be living at the home with you.

This form must be completed by BOTH the applicant and the existing tenant.

Terms and conditions

By completing this form:

  • You understand that if this application is approved, the tenancy of the address will be "assigned" (permanently transferred to) the applicant.
  • You understand that if this application is not approved then the tenancy will remain ongoing (unless it has previously been terminated) and the existing tenant will still be liable for rent payments.
  • The existing tenant and the applicant will be informed of a decision in writing within 42 days, unless further information is requested. If you fail to provide requested information within the timescales stated, your application will be withdrawn.
  • The consent of Manchester City Council Housing Services does not assign the tenancy. If MCC Housing consents to this application, the parties will be required to complete a Deed of Assignment (to be provided) and no assignment of the tenancy can take place until the Deed of Assignment has been executed.

Apply online below. To apply by post, please download the application to take over a tenancy form (PDF 135 KB) and post it to MCC Housing Services, White Moss Road, Blackley, M9 6NZ.

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