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Are you dissatisfied?

Before you make a formal complaint...

Please talk to us about your issue first and tell us why you're unhappy and what you want us to do. Very often this will sort the problem out on the spot.

We will aim to deal with Talk2Us requests within 48 hours. If your issue cannot be dealt with as a Talk2Us, we will then begin our Stage 1 formal complaints process.

To talk to us, give us a call on 03000 123 123 or use the 'Talk2Us' button below to send us the details through this website.



Making a formal complaint

You can send us a formal complaint request using the button below.


To see how we handle complaints, read our complaints procedure.



You can view our Complaints and Compliments Policy here:

Complaints and Compliments Policy

We also encourage independent review of our complaints if you are still unhappy. You can do this via the Housing Ombudsman but you must have exhausted our internal complaints policy first.

You can find more about the Housing Ombudsman here.

We also carry out an annual review of our complaints process against the Housing Ombudsman Code. This is to ensure our complaint handling remains in line with the Ombudsman requirements, and that we're providing the best possible service for residents.

You can find our most recent self-assessment here:

Self Assessment Form (30 August 2022)