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A bright future for Northwards' homes and communities


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In December 2020, Manchester City Council asked Northwards’ residents to have their say on the management of their home. 93% of people who responded said they would prefer the Council to manage their home directly.

Since then, we've been working together to make Northwards part of the Council, instead of a separate ‘arms-length’ organisation (ALMO). And from today (5 July 2021) that work is complete - Northwards is now part of Manchester City Council. 

Why the change? 

As an ALMO, Northwards has done great work over the years, but the arrangement no longer brings in extra money for improvements. Without changes, the funding would not cover the budget needed to maintain and improve north Manchester’s Council homes. 

What will this mean for residents? 

Day-to-day services will be delivered by the same staff; you can contact them in the same ways and you can pay your rent in the same way too. We’re working on an improvement plan for better landlord and neighbourhood services and we’re reaching out to residents from all backgrounds to help set and monitor this.

How can you get involved?

We also want to hear from people interested in a more active role in how the housing service is run. Over 550 residents have already signed up, which is great news. We are keen to hear from anyone else who would like to get involved - please email

This is just the beginning and we are looking forward to working together to create a bright future for Northwards' homes and communities.