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Fire Safety: What You Need To Know

We’re working to make sure that fire safety is the best it can possibly be in your home. You can help us keep you and your neighbours safe by following the rules and advice below:

  • Barbecues are not allowed. Barbecues must not be used anywhere in the block, including balconies.
  • Don’t leave anything flammable on your balcony—E.g. paper or cardboard.
  • Don’t put things in your corridor or landings. They must be kept completely clear. Some materials can burn during a fire, blocking exit routes and firefighters.
  • Don’t prop open fire doors. Closed fire doors help to stop flames from spreading.
  • Test your smoke detector regularly. It’s good to check it every week.
  • Please use the rubbish chutes for household waste only and don’t put anything lit down them. Other items may block the chutes. Contact us to remove other items (e.g. carpets, flooring, furniture). Visit

Visit or call 0161 234 5004.

Keep emergency access clear in the car park. Never park in the emergency parking bays and keep entrances clear.

Don’t smoke in communal areas. It’s against the law to smoke in enclosed public places.

Never use the lifts in the event of a fire. Please use the stairs and, once you are safely outside, call 999.

Have you got or are you getting a sprinkler?

Help to keep them in great shape.


  • Don’t paint the sprinkler head or its cover plate
  • Don’t use sealants around the sprinkler head or cover plate
  • Don’t paint pipework with oil based paint
  • Don’t block the sprinkler with an object

Doing these things may stop the sprinkler working.

  • Don’t put any appliance or device that gives off heat or flames close to the sprinkler head
  • Don’t use wallpaper strippers or paint strippers near the sprinkler head
  • Don’t try to remove the sprinkler head. This will turn the sprinkler on!
  • Don’t hang anything from the pipework. This may cause a burst.

Remember to inform your home contents insurance provider of your new sprinkler.