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Celebrating 15 Years

May 28 2021

A Picture Of Jody Receiving Her Award From Tracy Our Director Of Business Services

Northwards marked its 15th birthday last December. We took a look in this article at some of the big moments that have happened along the way.

But with everything going on in the world, we’ve not been able to come together to commemorate the milestone.

Until now, that is!

Last Friday, we hosted our first ever online staff awards. A small crew broadcasted the event live whilst employees tuned in via Zoom to celebrate some of their greatest achievements since Northwards was formed.

A Photo Of The Nominees Watching The Awards As Its Being Filmed

(A live shot from the awards)

We also gave out awards for some of their most recent accomplishments.  

Like Jody (pictured above), who helped a tenant struggling with his rent after he’d been furloughed during a spell in hospital. He was finding it difficult to make ends meet, so she put him in touch with our Money Matters team. They helped him to get back on track, even getting him vouchers to help with some costs and dropping off shopping for him. 

Or Wendy, who’s been helping to crackdown on anti-social behaviour in one of our blocks during the pandemic. She’s been working with the police to identify the youths causing the problems and supporting the tenants affected.

It’s been lovely to be able to get together, even if it was mostly virtually. As the housing service returns to the council in the coming weeks, Northwards staff will continue to do all that they can to support our tenants for many years to come, just as they have since 2005.

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