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How to Recycle your Christmas Tree


Christmas Tree Collection
You can recycle your real Christmas tree in January, after removing any lights, decorations, stands and/or wooden bases.

Your options are:

Chop your real tree up and put the pieces in your GREEN bin for collection on any green bin day in January. If you do not have a large green bin, you can leave your Christmas tree in front of your property on any green bin day in January.

You can drop your real tree throughout January at:

Charity Just Helping will come and collect your real tree from your home, if you give a small donation to charity. The money will go to We Love Manchester which distributes funding to good causes in the city, Francis House and St Ann's Hospice. Book now.

You can take your tree to your local tip / recycling centre.

If you live in a flat or apartment, please speak to your caretaker or building manager. If this is not possible, please send an email to: with your name and address, a description of the location where you'll leave the tree and when you'll be putting it there. We will collect it during January. Please do not place the tree behind any locked doors or gates.

Get more advice on recycling at Christmas: