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Money Advice Success


Money Matters Success
Stacy Samuels one of our Money Advisors recently helped a tenant clear almost £25,000 in housing benefit overpayments.

The rent team noticed our resident wasn’t receiving as much money as they thought they should and they were struggling with the cost of living.

English is not their first language and they also have a hearing impairment, making communication more difficult. So Stacy popped out to see them to see if she could help.

Her visit helped to clarify what turns out to be a complex case. Stacy arranged for some support to help ease some of the immediate pressure and then started to look into the issues.

They had letters in the past from the revenue and benefits team asking for clarification on the family living situation. They hadn’t fully understood what was being asked and thought they had already supplied the relevant information.

money matters team

Stacy wrote to the team and asked them to look at the case again, and with the extra information provided they reviewed their decision wiping the slate clean for our resident!

The family were grateful for Stacy’s intervention and feel like a massive weight has been taken off their shoulders, they are now getting the full amount of housing benefit they are entitled to and are able to live more comfortably as a result.

Stacy said: “Things are so hard for people nowadays and it makes you feel good when you can help people and get them onto a better footing, I was so pleased to be able to do something.”


You can get in touch with our Money Matters Team here:

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