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On-going Training: Call Centre staff shadow the Repairs Team


Amanda Csc Shadowing

As part of our on-going staff training and development, we recently sent out some of our call centre operators to shadow EQUANS repairs operative, Amanda.

The programme looks to improve the knowledge of the CSC staff, ensuring that the service they offer to residents is more accurate, realistic and meets expectations when it comes to repairs.

We asked one of the call centre operatives, Nicola Turner, to tell us about her experience of shadowing Amanda...

Shadowing the life of a multi-skilled and talented operative’s daily appointments was just a complete eye-opener, from the moment Amanda arrived at the first home, it becomes evident that this isn't just a routine job.

The tenant had numerous issues, and asked Amanda a vast amount of questions hoping that she had the solutions to all of her queries.

Unfortunately, Amanda was only there to complete a specific job, but supported the tenant with as many answers as possible.

Armed with all of her tools, she gets to work to complete the job as after this job she has another 7 to attend. Sticking to the allocated time frames whilst still offering a high level of customer service is a true balancing act that Amanda does perfectly.

Whilst watching Amanda it's clear there's an artistry in her work, a fluidity that comes from years of experience and a genuine passion to get the job right the first time - so that the problem doesn’t reoccur again (further causing issues for the resident and additional costs to MCC).

What I found was really interesting is that as I observed her throughout the day she communicates with residents in a way that seems to positively transform their first initial thoughts and views of EQUANS. She genuinely cares and is there to help, as well as get the job done to the best standard, and this shows. It was a pleasure to watch.

She listens intently and patiently to tenant concerns, explains processes patiently while adapting her style to suit the resident, and ensures that they completely understand what she's doing. She treats them no different as she would a friend or family member.

Regardless of unexpected challenges she faces while attending the appointment, Amanda still delivers this with a smile on her face, and you can see the satisfaction on her face from the completion of each job.

Whether it's to restore a window handle or flooring she looks at this as a mark of improvement in each home and seeing tenants happy with the completion of her work, makes her job worthwhile.

Observing Amanda in action is not just witnessing her drilling in a couple of nails, it’s her expertise, professionalism, and the connection she shows to each individual. It's a reminder that the operatives at times are not just about fixing things, sometimes they are the only person and interaction that tenant has had for weeks and someone who can lend an ear.

Everyone in the CSC should spend some time with an EQUANS repair operative - it was really refreshing to see Amanda deliver a great service to our residents and leave a wonderful impression on behalf of EQUANS.

We need everyone to be a little bit more Amanda and the only negative is that we cannot clone Amanda!!

In the coming weeks and months more of our call centre staff will be attending the repairs operatives on jobs - ensuring they have a complete understanding of the role, improving how they can support not just each other but residents too.