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What you need to know: Rent Increases - April 2024


Changing Rents April 2024

From April 2024, rent increases will take place across the social housing sector.

Following guidelines set through Government regulation, rent charges are calculated annually using a set formula that makes sure levels are capped and remain affordable. It combines a ‘cost of living’ increase, set using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) measure of inflation.

We will be applying a 7.7% increase to meet the increased costs of delivering services and maintaining homes. We have written out to all households detailing what their increased rent will be and the date it comes into effect.

We understand that any increase in rent may put households under extra pressure, particularly at a time when the cost of living is rising.

Our Money Advice Team can help you with free and confidential advice on benefit entitlement, managing debt and checking if any extra financial support is available.

Any money from rent goes directly back into homes, ensuring they are safe and of good quality, as well as funding vital services and support for residents.


Universal Credit

If you are claiming Universal Credit housing costs, you must let the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) know about your rent increase.

The DWP will add information to your Universal Credit journal which will ask you to update your annual rent change.

You will need to complete this on or after 1 April 2024 to allow your housing costs to be paid correctly following your rent increase. You cannot report an annual rent change before 1 April 2024.

You will have to complete three steps: 

  1. Confirm that your rent increased on 8 April 2024.   
  2. Confirm the new rent amount. Make sure that you enter this correctly. You should have received a letter from us advising of your new rent amount, but if you are not sure, contact us to confirm the correct details before proceeding.
  3. Confirm whether you have any service charges.

We will then verify your housing costs to DWP.

You must complete these steps regardless of whether your rent is paid by yourself or directly to Manchester City Council .