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Order a repair to your heating and hot water

Please note - between 1st April 2023 and 30th September 2023 (or possibly longer, depending on the temperature outside), most heating and hot water repairs will not be classed as emergencies.

Read more about what we treat as emergency repairs

Have you got credit on your meter?
Have you checked that your thermostat has not been turned down?
Is there an error code showing on the boiler? E.g. E1 19
Have you reset the boiler?
Do you have an electric or gas fire?
(There is no limit on how much you can type in this box)
Please tell us what times of day are best for us to visit. (You can choose more than one)
Please tell us which days are best to visit. (You can choose more than one)
Are you currently self-isolating because you have Coronavirus symptoms?