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Give us notice to end your tenancy

Terms and Conditions

By completing this form, you agree to the following statement:

  • You understand that by completing this form, you are only giving notice of your intention to vacate the property and that you will still be required to sign a termination form to officially end your tenancy. You also understand that by failing to sign this form, you will leave the tenancy running and be liable for any rent arrears that accrue on the account
  • You hereby give Manchester City Council, notice to quit and to deliver up possession of the property on the date you stipulate in the form (the termination date)
  • You understand that the notice period is four weeks. If you return the keys prior to the four weeks’ notice, you will still be liable for the rent during that period
  • In cases where the tenant is the sole tenant or where all joint tenants are wishing to terminate the tenancy and are party to this agreement: if the termination date is less than four weeks from the date of this notice and/or ends on a day other than a Monday, you understand that the landlord has accepted your period of notice in any event and your tenancy will end on the termination date. If any person(s) remains in occupation of the property following the termination date, you understand the landlord may commence possession proceedings against them
  • You understand that any rent payments made after the termination date will be accepted as "mesne profits" (a charge for use and occupation of the property) only and the acceptance of such by the landlord will not a/ imply the tenancy is ongoing b/ imply the creation of a new tenancy or c/ imply the creation of a licence allowing the occupier to remain in the property. You understand that you will remain liable for any unpaid rent and/or mesne profits.
  • You will leave the property empty - including your garden and any outhouses or sheds. If you leave behind items, such as furniture, carpets, laminate flooring or rubbish, you will be charged £287 for removal and you won’t be able to rent another council home until the amount is paid off.

Give notice online using the form below. To give notice by post, please download our notice form (146KB) and post it to MCC Housing Services, White Moss Road, Blackley, M9 6NZ.

Give notice of ending your tenancy

Does the property have any adaptations for disability?
Is the property furnished?
Where is the bathroom?
Note: Your tenancy must end on a MONDAY, and the Monday you choose must be at least four weeks from today. If it is sooner, we will charge you rent for the weeks you didn't give notice for.
Note: This must be no later than 4.00 pm on the Monday after your tenancy ends.
By ticking this box, you agree to the Terms and Conditions at the start of this form.

I confirm that I am a MCC Housing Services resident living within one of the following postcodes: M4, M8, M9 or M40