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High rise living

Living in a high rise block can be very different to living in a house. Here is some advice on things to be aware of living in your apartment.

Your caretaking service

Our caretakers make sure your block is clean and safe.

As well as cleaning all your communal areas and checking lifts and lights are in good working order, they ensure the block is safe and free from hazards and report repairs to your communal areas.

They welcome new residents to the block and help vulnerable residents who may need a bit of extra help.

They make sure the information boards are up-to-date and keep the communal gardens free of litter.

If your caretaker is on holiday or unwell, we’ll send another caretaker to keep an eye on your block.

Waste and recycling facilities

Recycling for high rise residents is easier than it’s ever been thanks to the facilities available in your block.

Bumper recycling facilities can be found in the bin store areas to make it easier to separate your rubbish and recycling waste.

Please do not put bulky items like furniture down the waste chute. This has happened in the past and causes blocked chutes which are extremely dangerous, causing wider fire safety risks.

Do your bit for the environment

Save the rubbish chute for general waste and use the recycling bins for all your glass, cans, paper and card.

We can even provide some freebies to help make things easier. We have food waste caddies and liners for food waste and wipe-clean recycling bags to keep your kitchen tidy and make it easy to separate your rubbish.

To speak to the team, email

We can’t recycle everything, that’s why residents can get a free collection of bulky items every year.

You can have up to three items collected. Things like furniture, fridges and mattresses. Visit to find out more.

If your furniture is in good condition you can always give it a new home by donating it to local charity, Mustard Tree.

Part of their work includes providing good quality household items to people in need. So if you have furniture which is still in good condition – don’t dump it – give it a new home! Call Mustard Tree on 0161 228 7331 between 10:00 – 16:00 to book a collection.

Everybody needs good neighbours

We all make a bit of noise sometimes. If you live in a block of flats where you have lots of neighbours nearby, you do need to have a little understanding. But noise is annoying, especially if it takes place for long periods at unsociable hours.

Top tips for being a considerate neighbour

  • Keep the volume of your TV, radio and music at a reasonable level, especially late at night
  • Keep washing machines and dishwashers away from partition walls and don’t use them too early or too late
  • If you’re doing DIY, try to do the noisiest jobs during the day
  • Vacuum at reasonable times, again, not too early and not too late!
  • Don’t slam doors or cupboards
  • If you have friends round late, think about your neighbours as voices carry further at night
  • If you have young children visiting, keep an eye (or ear!) on the noise level
  • Try not to use the rubbish chute before 8am or after 9pm
  • Talking to your neighbours about noise and politely explaining the problem early on can hopefully resolve any issues without having to make a formal complaint.

Fire safety

We’re working to make sure that fire safety is the best it can possibly be in your home. You can help us keep you and your neighbours safe by following this advice:

  • Barbecues are not allowed. Barbecues must not be used anywhere in the block, including balconies.
  • Don’t leave anything flammable on your balcony. E.g. paper or cardboard.
  • Don’t put things in your corridor or landings. They must be kept completely clear. Some materials can burn during a fire, blocking exit routes and firefighters.
  • Don’t prop open fire doors. Closed fire doors help to stop flames spreading.
  • Test your smoke detector regularly. It’s good to check it every week.
  • Please use the rubbish chutes for household waste only. Don’t put anything lit down them.
  • Keep emergency access clear in the car park. Never park in the emergency parking bays and keep entrances clear.
  • Don’t smoke in communal areas. It’s against the law to smoke in enclosed public places.
  • Never use the lifts in the event of a fire. Please use the stairs and, once you are safely outside, call 999.

Have you got a sprinkler? Help to keep them in great shape.

  • Don’t paint the sprinkler head or its cover plate
  • Don’t use sealants around the sprinkler head or cover plate
  • Don’t paint pipework with oil based paint
  • Don’t block the sprinkler with an object

Doing these things may stop the sprinkler working.

  • Don’t put any appliance or device that gives off heat or flames close to the sprinkler head
  • Don’t use wallpaper strippers or paint strippers near the sprinkler head
  • Don’t try to remove the sprinkler head. This will turn the sprinkler on!
  • Don’t hang anything from the pipework. This may cause a burst.

Remember to inform your home contents insurance provider if you have a sprinkler.


There is limited space to park cars at the blocks of flats. Please be mindful of how and where you and your visitors park. Do not park in emergency bays, on double yellow lines, or in a way that would cause obstruction to other cars.

If there is a car park at your block, please ask your caretaker if there are any current vacant parking spaces or you can put your name on the waiting list for an empty space.

High Rise Living Forum

We have a resident’s forum for people who live in high rise blocks – this is the High Rise Living Forum. Meetings are usually held bi-monthly and details are advertised on the block notice board. Everyone is more than welcome and details for attendees are included on the posters.

Keeping in touch

Keep an eye on your communal notice board. It includes important information about upcoming work to your block, health and safety information and events going on in the local area.

We try to keep you updated with any issues in your block too, so if your lift is out of order we’ll aim to send a text with timescales for its repair.

Please keep your details up to date. You can do this by registering for My Account and updating some of your details once you're logged in.