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A Place Called Home: A vision for social housing in Manchester 2022 - 2025

19 February 2023

A Place Called Home

Our new housing strategy, A Place Called Home, is a vision for social housing in Manchester 2022 -2025

This vision will establish and deliver resident-led housing services that are high on quality and value for Council tenants.

To develop A Place Called Home, we worked with local residents, elected members, partners and our colleagues to create a vision which reflects the Our Manchester principles.

The need for a new vision is clear. Housing services are now delivered by Manchester City Council, there is a new social housing bill, new building safety legislation and new consumer standards. The housing landscape is changing dramatically. We want our residents at the heart of this, driving positive change.

We have listened to residents about what matters to them most as a council tenant and they expect from their landlord.

We have also worked with our colleagues to better understand our services. The result of which is ‘A Place Called Home’ which sets out our shared priorities for housing services.

These are:

  1. Resident-led services, putting you at the heart of everything we do
  2. High-quality housing services and home improvements for secure, warm, sustainable homes
  3. Welcoming, safe and vibrant neighbourhoods

View the Vision (PDF)

View the Vision (Accessible)